Monday, July 4, 2016

07/04/16 Group Email

Hello friends and family! Wow this week I could not be prouder to say, I am a Canadian! the 1st of July is such a huge party up here! There has been so much patriotic pride. I have sung "O, Canada" so much.. the best time though, was yesterday for the closing hymn in sacrament! We sung O, Canada.. in English... in a Spanish ward. Hahah yeah, it was pretty awesome! But I really do love this place. It has become quite my home. We helped out at a stake activity on Saturday, and there was the corner where all our members were hanging out. It was so fun to talk to them all and hang with them all day. I'm happier and happier every day that I get to serve these Latino people here! Canadians are cool too, but something about the Spanish people. They are so loving! We also did so much service this week.. there have been so many moves lately. So we were in pants every day this week, which was awesome! So our investigator Alex.. we were teaching him from the first chapter in the Book of Mormon and somehow, definitely through God guiding us, we find out.. HE LOVES FAMILY HISTORY. Good thing my comp, Hermana Shcenbs, is awesome and carries her family tree with her everywhere! She whipped it out and Alex was amazed. He was sooo excited to learn more! Now this was a gold mine because we have been battling all of his anti-questions for these past couple weeks. But now he is so hooked on learning all he can about his ancestors. We left that lesson with our mouths wide open! Family history was what he has been needing... who knew?  I love being a missionary. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is guiding us through this work. Every single day I find myself looking around and thinking "wow, I am so happy here" there is something so amazing about this joy that comes from serving the Lord. I love studying about the Atonement! I had the best study ever yesterday. The Atonement is so incredible and I know that Jesus Christ died for us. We can always use his Atonement.  Have a happy 4th of July! Won't be as good as the 1st of July in Canada, but still hope it's fun ;)

Hermana Dean

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