Monday, July 11, 2016

07/11/16 Group Email

Hello from the best place in the world! this week has been soooo rainy but super pretty because everything is so green. I really do love it here in this little city. Okay so a couple miracles that we saw this week..
We have found the best place to meet latinos - Costa Vida. (not as good as Cafe Rio, but it's a close second.) Anyways, so last monday we ate lunch there. This kid was taking my order and said "Pico de gallo?" in an accent and naturally I responded "si" haha and so he laughs and we start talking in Spanish. Suuuch a cool guy! Well come Friday (yes I know.. only 4 days later) and we want Costa Vida. So we head on in there and it's about 3 so the restaurant is dead. We walk in and the guy yells "aye mis amigas!" he was so excited to see us! we chatted with him and all the other latino workers and it was so awesome. They are all so cool and we're definitely building friendships with them all! Anyways, we were finishing up eating, when this worker from Italy (who speaks Spanish) comes over, kneels down by our table and asks us "sooo... where do we go after this life?" what!? best question ever!! we whipped out el plan de salvacion and showed him the timeline of the plan and we read alma 41 and he was so excited! we taught him for 30 minutes or so. one of the coolest miracles ever! So yeah, Costa Vida is the place to be! We're def gonna start going there weekly so we can chat it up with the latino workers!
So Alex... he has quite the questions, which is good, but sometimes they are so frustrating! For example, the question we talked about for a good 30 minutes during our lesson "Why did God command Nefi to slay Laban?" He could not let that go! It was so frustrating haha so finally we say, "Pray!" He was pretty shocked when we finally said that... but, he did! So we all kneel down and decide Alex will do it. So we close our eyes, and it's silent. He decided to pray silently, which is totally okay, but it was a little weird haha. So we all pray in our hearts and then we end and all relax and say "So, how do you feel?" He says "Good. I don't understand why he had to slay Laban, but that's okay. I'll learn someday." BOOM it was so cool! Prayer works people.

So on Saturday we walk into the chapel and see the elders. they say "we have to go cast out a devil spirit from a less active's house.. wanna come?" we're like, heck yeah we do! So we go and visit this sweet less active family, sit down on the couch and they start telling us of all the creepy stuff that has been going on in their house. and it was CREEPY. she told us a creepy story and says "Acutally, it happened right there where you are sitting" and points to me... it was crazy. Evil spirit are real! All of us missionaries were feeling their presence. It was very cool because the Elder McLaren started blessing the house and instantly we felt peace. It was quite the experience. And then we start sharing a message and Hna Amaller looks staright at the non-member dad and says "Do you not want this priesthood authorty? don't you want to be able to bless your own house and your own familiy?" it was crazy.. it was so bold. My mouth dropped. But he opened up and we found out why he's hesitant and joining the church. but it was crazy. A cool experience though!

Well everything is going good up here! Loving life. Being a missionary is the best thing ever. I love learning about the gospel and wearing Jesus Christ's name on my chest everyday. Love you all!
Hermana Dean

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