Monday, July 25, 2016

07/25/16 Group Email

Hi! Wow what a week.. we lost our dear Hermana Schnebs. So now we are down to two. It seriously was the funnest transfer ever, I loved every second of it. Definitely my fastest transfer too! Hermana Amaller and I are excited to keep on working down here in the Foothills, we have some goood goals we're gonna be working toward. Anyways, Alex is doing good! We were able to celebrate Colombia Day with him, the elders and a family in la Rama. We cooked soooo much Colombian food, oh man it was so yummy. Afterward, we had a bomb lesson with him about el espiritu santo. We watched the talk by Elder Hales and got super personal afterward. Hermana Amaller pushed me a note during the talk and said "13 Agosto" It felt so right so I gave her the "heck yeah!" and she invited him to pray about it and then Hermano Alvarez straight up said "yeah do it. You have to pray about it" It was the coolest! Members are the best! We then left, but later found out that Alex stayed there hanging out with the family until 10:30 or so! So awesome! However.... we haven't been able to see him since Wednesday hahah so please keep him in your prayers!

So Saturday we were up in an area called Bridlewood. We were going to visit a less active. I parked the car, we said a prayer, got out and were half way through the street when Hermana Amaller said "We have to talk to him" and pointed to a man sitting in a parked car.. now I was kind of nervous.. Pretty awkward to go up and tap their window, but good thing I have the most fearless daughter who listens to the spirit! We went over there, he rolls down the window and we just start preachin. His name is Harjit from India and was super interested in what we had to say. We started talking about God and about 20 minutes into the conversation, he says "why are you here? Why did you walk over to me?" We were able to tell him Hermana Amaller had the spirit tell her that we needed to talk to him. And then he says "I pulled over the car right here to think about God." Oooooh my gosh I just got goosebumps typing that, it was the coolest moment EVER. Both of our mouths dropped! I just looked at him and said "God sent us to talk to you" we got deeper into conversation and he told us he watched her sister pass away last week and that ever since then, he has been wondering where God was. We were able to give him a book of mormon and we testified our hearts out. He agreed to meet with us, so we passed him off to the missionaries in that area. Suuuuch a cool exerience.. We are working for a God of miracles, no doubt!

Another miracle this week... yesterday we had about an hour to spare. I had the strongest feeling to walk down a certain street. Fast forward, and we are on the driveway talking to this man from Iran. He was so nice! He told us that his Wife and kids were members of about two years and that the elders come and work in his yard with him once a week. (small lds world we live in) then out of nowhere, his 19 year old LESS ACTIVE son walks up with their Asian Jehovah's witness friend, who's probably like 50 and boom this Asian wants to bible bash. So we start talking about what we believe in and alllll this stuff, it was such a long converstaion, but the coolest part was that the less active son was helping teach with us! I kept having the impression to talk to him about a mission, and he said he's been thinking about one. So we were able to give him the YSA ward info and he was really interested. We finally told the Asian lady that we had to go and as we were walking out, we met a worker from El Salvador who was working at his house and we invited him to church.. ahhh it was the coolest thing ever!! Part member less active family, non member friend, helping the less active son, AND meeting a Latino. It was incredible!! We walked about laughing out loud because it was the craziest experience. It was such a good bible bash and we testified so strongly of our beliefs. It was so awesome.

So yeah the Canada Calgary mission is the best mission ever! So many experiences that we see every single day. I love this work. I love working for the Savior and being able to testify of Him and of the truthfulness that has been restored. Have a good week! Love you all! Pray for Alex!

Con amor,
Hermana Dean

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