Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12/14/15 Group Email

Another amazing week over here in Calgary :) 

So on Friday, our lesson had cancelled, so we were thinking of who to visit.  I was looking through old record sheets and saw "Blanca and Cindy", two less actives.  We had tried to visit them at the very beginning of the transfer, but never got in.  So we headed up to their house, knocked on the door, and Blanca answered and told us to come in.  She told us that THAT day, she was going to call us because she needed help and needed us. She was so shocked when we showed up! It was such a miracle and she said "Dios hablo" God spoke, to us, and told us that she needed us.  We were able to share a message with her and lift up her spirit and hopefully we'll start meeting with her again! 

We drove up to Airdire, a little town outside of Downtown. It's pretty up in the boonies and is surrounded by farmland.  But the drive was BREATHTAKING.  Everything was sooo frosted and completely white.  I should've taken more pics (whoops) but we tried to capture it on one of the pine trees.  It was so beautiful and ah I absolutely love the snow and Christmas time and my comp and I were just so happy driving around Canada! :) 

This past week I have really felt the spirit of Christmas.  Last night, a member and her family did this whole thing for us; we ate dinner, crepes, sang songs, she had this slide show with all of our baby pictures haha playing along to Christmas music. It was so fun! She bore her testimony, she returned from her mission a year and a half ago, and just emphasized how important it is to "live in the moment." To focus on the people you are with, where you are, who you are serving, because soon enough, everything will have changed. As she was bearing her testimony, I felt the spirit so strongly! I know that this is exactly where I need to be; with my companion, in this ward, in this area, serving with these missionaries. I just felt so happy and at peace. Enjoy this Christmas season - focus on the most important things: the people you are with, where you are, who you are serving, and Jesus Christ.  This is such a happy season, full of love and the gospel! I absolutely love it. I love being a missionary and I am treasuring every moment I have here in Canada, during this season. 

Have a happy week! 
Abrazos y besos - 
Hermana Dean

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