Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/15 Group Email

Another great week out here in Calgary, Canada :) I love this mission! We see so many miracles every single day, and I absolutely love it.  

- Last night was the Christmas Devotional down in Salt Lake and they showed it up here, and it was amazing!! It was a little taste of General Conference, but totally focused on Christmas.  As we were teaching one of our Investigators yesterday, the one thing he said that stood out to him, was how our church has a living Prophet.  That really made me think how lucky we are that we have President Monson.  And as I've been studying conference talks and the Liahona and things like that, my testimony has grown so strongly of the knowledge that we do have living Prophets who guide our church.
- Last Monday night, we went over to one of my favorite family's house, the familia Dardon, and we helped them set up their decorations.  It was so much fun! I absolutely loved it.  Espeically at the end, when we were all sitting around, setting up the Nativity, telling the story of Jesus.  My heart was so happy in the moment, and I realized that that is what Christmas and Missionary work is all about.  Bringing families together, sharing messages, learning about the gospel.  :)
- Our investigator, Bryan, the one who magically came to church last week, came to church again yesterday... and brought HIS DAD. It was such a miracle! We then come to find out, that his dad IS A MEMBER.  He was baptized down in Lethbridge, in 1989, stayed active for a year, then went back to El Salvador and completely lost touch with the church.  He is wanting to start coming back.  We had a lesson with both of them, our mission leader Hermano Fernando, and a recently returned missionary who is darling.  It was such a powerful lesson! We taught the Restoration and the spirit was so strong.  Bryan said he's going to read el libro de mormon, because he wants to find out for himself that it's true. Hopefully we will have him on date by next week!
- Last week, one of our lessons fell through, so we were deciding which family we should go visit.  We picked a name on our ward list, and we're about to head out.  It didn't feel right, but it didn't feel wrong.  Then Hermana said, I feel like we should visit Hermana Fernandez instead... and THAT, felt right.  So we drove on up there, knocked on her door, she let us in, a darling 30 year old girl from Mexico who has just slowly become less active, and she ran upstairs.  She was gone for a minute or two, then came back down with her laptop.  She said she had to teach a lesson IN TWO HOURS about families, in English, which she was super stressed out about, and couldn't find any scriptures.  She had been looking for scriptures for the past few days, but had no idea which ones to choose.  She said she had no idea what she was going to do! It was such a miracle!! She needed us right then, literally in that moment, and we knocked on her door. She was so happy and so thankful.  All because we listened to the spirit. And tomorrow we're helping her paint her house, which I'm excited for :)
- On Thursday, we get a call from Hermana Gonzalez.  She asked if she could talk to me, so I starting talking with her and she asks, "Crees que tu companera podria cantar una sola manana a la cena de la socidad de socorro?" Which means, do you think you're companion could sing a solo tomorrow at the relief society dinner? Hermana Ratliff's face DROPPED it was the funniest thing I've ever seen! I said "oh si si claro que si" and she was so thankful! So we had to whip out this song, I was playing the piano, and she had to learn the tune.  Then Friday night rolled around, we were up there on the side of the stage, I was playing the piano, she was kneeling down next to me, and I thought she was going to throw up, no lie.  She looked sooo nervous! I was nervous for her! She went out and did so good, but oh man it was so funny.  Her personality is a lot like me, kind of quiet, not really a huge fan of being the center of attention, so watching her out there was pretty funny.  I would have DIED if they had asked me... thank heavens I'm the Pianist.  

Vemos los manos del senor cada dia aca en canada en el programa de epsanol.  Se que necesito estar aqui en este area con mi compeneria.  Se que el senor siempre esta conmigo, puedo verle en nuestra obra.  Gracias por todo mi familia y amigos! Que tengan una feliz semana 
Hermana Dean 

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