Tuesday, December 1, 2015

11/30/15 Pictures

They don't plow the neighborhood streets here! They just drive right over it... talk about peligroso! 

Our ward had a cultural night and it was so fun! they had all the tables of all the countries set up.. super fun! Hermana Gonzalez (she's the one who gave us the nasty food last week that we had to stuff in our bags)

Marci Galvaz from Guatemala! 
My recent convert Leila!
We watched the dances from all the different countries.. so good!

The cutest little girl ever!! she is so chubby and cute.
We got home from our day and saw the fresh snow over across the street at the park, so we went and ran around and laid in it.. it was the best! I LOVE THE SNOW.  

*have to cover my face in every pic, because it is chilly!
 Stalking people who look Latino... hiding and waiting in our car to see where they live
 Pretty sunrise!

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