Monday, December 28, 2015

12/28/15 Pictures

Christmas party with the mission... SO much fun to see all of my friends :) 
Valerie and Javier: we spent Christmas Eve at their house with their families.  We played games and they gave us TONS of presents
Sister Miles 

 Here's our cute Christmas Tree(s) that our neighbors gave us, and all the presents that we got from our members! We were soooo spoiled :) 
Javier and Valerie went to Mexico last week and brought us back these suuuuper comfy pants. 
It was a cute -22 Christmas morning
Christmas Eve we played hand and foot and it was SO fun !
 Everything is sooo icy here! 
Driving over the bridge... the river was steaming like crazy because it was so cold outside!
La familia Perez... they have such a special place in my heart.  They're too sick to go to church, so we visit them.  We were going to spend Christmas with them, but they were too sick, so we stopped by and caroled instead :)
McDonalds haha
La Familia Dardon :) They are my favorite family in the world.  Their daughters are the cutest.  We stopped by and visited them on Christmas Day.
 La Familia Fernando... we are with them A LOT, they are the cutest

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