Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12/14/15 Pictures

 One of our members gave us this HUGE bag full of Mexican candy.... it was all so disgusting! Haha but our favorite(looking) was las banderas 
We helped our less active paint her entire basement... we were there alllll day and my arms were so sore! But it was super fun!
This week has been foggy foggy foggy! 
 Notice the wind in my hair.... yeah, deathly cold 
 Trying to catch the fog on camera... you could barely even see in front of you, it was scary! 
 We drove up to Airdrie, about a 20 or so minute drive north, and it was a FROSTED WONDERLAND. It was BEAUTIFUL beyond words.  Every single thing was white, covered in snow. All the trees were white, the fields were white, the streets. It was breathtaking. We drove up, listening to Christmas music, just so happy and loving life. I absolutely love it here!
 Feliz Navidad from the Murdocks -  we absolutely love our decorations! And I'm so excited to open all the presents for the next twelve days from my familia! :) 
Last night had a Christmas celebration with the Menjivar family from El Salvador. It was so much fun! They put together this slide show with all our baby pictures... hahah very entertaining, and we had this big meal and sang songs! It was really fun. 

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