Monday, December 21, 2015

12/21/15 Group Email

Ah I just love being a Missionary during the Holiday season! Seriously, I am just so happy and absolute love it out here.  This week was really good!  

Last week I was praying in the morning and asking how I could strengthen my testimony of the Savior.. To really really know that He lived and suffered the Atonement.  So as I was praying, I was asking to know what I need to do to strengthen my testimony.  And it was just like a huge wave come over me, and the thought entered my mind : Read the New Testament.  So I started reading the New Testament, along with my couple of chapters en El Libro de Mormon cada dia, and wow! It has been the most amazing experience! It was such powerful personal revelation and I know without a doubt that it was the Spirit telling me what I need to do in order to strengthen my testimony the way that it needs to be strengthened.  Personal revelation is REAL.

Last Tuesday, we got a call from the Spanish sisters who are down in my old area, and they told me that Luis, my recent convert who is SO dear to my heart, was losing his visa and was leaving to Mexico, that day.  I was so sad! We hung up the phone with the sisters, and I just kept getting the thought "call him." I kept pushing it out because I kept making up excuses of how it wasn't going to work, but the prompting was too strong and I ended up calling all these different people and got his number, and I was able to talk with him and say good bye! It was so sweet and even though he told me how sad he is to leave Canada, he knows that the Lord has a plan for him and he'll go wherever the Lord sends him.  It was emotional as I sat in the bathroom of our Less Active's house crying and saying goodbye, but he will do so amazing in Mexico and I'm so lucky that I was able to talk with him one last time.

On Saturday we helped with a move in -16.... yeah, it was freezing and nobody could feel their toes after haha, but it was fun and there all these Latinos there and we just all chatted while we moved and entire house from inside to outside

We had our big cena por la navidad on Saturday and it was super fun! I absolutely love the ward that I'm serving in.  Being in the Spanish program up here, there is only the Branch and the Ward that we can serve in.  I absolutely love the people in the Ward and it was so fun to have a big dinner together.  I was walking and all of a sudden I hear "Hermana Dean va a tocar el piano" haha so luckily I had some sheet music in my bag and I whipped out a nice long song.  Then after that, everyone started singing "Feliz Navidad" and wow that song is just so much better when it's actual Latinos singing it haha

My comp and I were reading El Libro de Mormon juntas and one of the verses really stood out to me.  It's in Alma 6:6 "No obstante, se mando a los hijos de Dios que se congregaron frecuentemente, y se unieran en ayuno y ferviente oracion por el bien de las almas de aquellos que no conocian a dios." Which is basically saying that God commanded his children to fast and pray for the welfare of the souls who don't know God. I told my comp that I loved that scripture and she said "Well let's do it! Let's fast every Sunday of this transfer, starting tomorrow." At first I was a little hesitant.... I mean, that's a HUGE commitment.  BUT we decided that we are going to do it! Yesterday was our first Sunday and ohhh man we saw soooo many blessings! It was so incredible! Our investigator came to church and a couple that aren't members came too... it was SO cool and I'm so excited to see how the rest of this transfer turns out because of it!

Hermana Dean 

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